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beer coolers

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HS Code :
Beer cooler with a size of 410x295x550 mm, a weight of 8. 5 kg, a keg placed inside, a peltier cooling system and a tap.
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CN Code :
Beer cooler with dispenser, Art. No.. 723800, - from a compressor refrigerator (HxWxD: 84, 5 x 54, 5 x 57, 0 cm) with a net capacity of 130 l, with stepless temperature setting, automatic defrosting, interior lighting and transparent vegetable bowl, a round recess at the top and a built-in dispenser from a column made of stainless steel tube with head deflection and integrated piston cock, 0, 5 kg carbonated bottle with holder, pressure regulator fitting, flat tap head with 2 pieces Co2 safety check valves, sight glass, pressure reducer, pressure gauge and connecting hoses and fittings, possible intake of 10, 20 or 30 l beer kegs , with assembly tool for bottle connection (picture see attachment), - for cooling - identifying main activities and cones of beer. "Refrigerator, not combined with freezer, no household refrigerator, no appliance of subheadings 8418 30 to 8418 61, not pre-filled with hydrofluorocarbons (combination of refrigerator -characterizing principal activity, tap and manometer), with assembly tool - so-called. Bierküh on ".
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[1]. DE9004/17-1#573470

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