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According to the information provided by the applicant and the present illustration, the so-called "silicone cake pan, food safe" is an almost rectangular baking pan made of silicone, a plastic as described in Note 1 to Chapter 39. The approx. 27 x 8, The 5 x 5 cm form is equipped with letter-shaped recesses in the bottom part, so that the top of the baked cake has a lettering on it. Such goods are commonly used in the household in the kitchen for baking cakes. Under customs tariff law, such goods are classified as "household items made of plastic, for table use or kitchen use, other than those specified in the TARIC codes 3924 1000 11 to 3924 1000 20".
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[1]. DEBTI46563/21-1#755021

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Glassware for use in the kitchen, so-called cake pan, photos see attachment, - in the form of a rectangular baking pan (springform pan), - with a base plate made of transparent glass, tempered according to the application, - with a removable rim made of silicone (plastic) according to the application, which has a fold at the lower end for inserting the base plate, - with a plastic sleeve to hold the two ends of the edge together, - with dimensions of approx. 28 cm (width) x 13 cm (depth) x 7.5 cm ( height), - the glass plate (bottom plate) can be used separately as a serving plate, - the glass determines the essential character of the goods, in particular due to its importance in relation to the use. "Glassware for kitchen use, not drinking glass, made of toughened glass"
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[1]. DEBTI46594/21-1#755826

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