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CN CodeDescription 0710 0712
0711.00.00.00Vegetables provisionally preserved (for example, by sulphur dioxide gas, in brine, in sulphur water or in other preservative solutions), but unsuitable in that state for immediate consumption
0711.20.00.00- Olives
0711.20.10.00- - For uses other than the production of oil
0711.20.90.00- - Other
0711.40.00.00- Cucumbers and gherkins
0711.51.00.00- Mushrooms and truffles
0711.51.00.00- - Mushrooms of the genus Agaricus
0711.59.00.00- - Other
0711.59.00.11- - - Mushrooms
0711.59.00.11- - - - Mushrooms, excluding mushrooms of the genera Agaricus, Calocybe, Clitocybe, Lepista, Leucoagaricus, Leucopaxillus, Lyophyllum and Tricholoma, provisionally preserved in brine, in sulphur water, or in other preservative solutions, but unsuitable in that state for immediate consumption, for the food-canning industry
0711.59.00.19- - - - Other
0711.59.00.90- - - Other
0711.90.00.00- Other vegetables; mixtures of vegetables
0711.90.10.00- - Vegetables
0711.90.10.00- - - Fruits of the genus Capsicum or of the genus Pimenta, excluding sweet peppers
0711.90.30.00- - - Sweetcorn
0711.90.50.00- - - Onions
0711.90.70.00- - - Capers
0711.90.80.00- - - Other
0711.90.80.30- - - - Garlic and Allium ampeloprasum
0711.90.80.80- - - - Other
0711.90.90.00- - Mixtures of vegetables

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