All data comprising the Infosoft Information Systems Product, whether accessed via the internet (including related information, such as instructional materials), contains proprietary and copyrighted application, demonstration and/or system software data, usage instructions, access passwords, training manual documentation and other material owned exclusively or licensed by Infosoft Information Systems.

All data presented within FindHS.Codes system licensed by Infosoft Information Systems. The granting of this license does not affect the ownership of such materials, whether tangible or intangible. All Infosoft Information Systems products, services, databases, and software within FindHS.Codes system are proprietary and are protected by copyright laws, international copyright treaties and other intellectual property laws and treaties. Nothing contained herein grants to users or to any other person or entity an ownership interest in any such products, services, databases, or software, or any rights except to the extent specified herein. Both the FindHS.Codes system and all intellectual property contained therein are and shall remain the sole and exclusive property of Infosoft Information Systems. Users, whether permitted or not, or other person or entity other than Infosoft Information Systems, may: (i) copy all or any substantial portion of the system; (ii) distribute all or any portion of the system, except for small printed portions; (iii) provide access to the system or any portion thereof through the Internet or any other electronic means, including through computer modem; or (iv) make any commercial use of the FindHS.Codes system except for purposes of legal or other research, or for obtaining information for users own needs.

Users of the FindHS.Codes system are expressly prohibited from recompiling, reverse engineering or disassembling all or any portion of the system, and from downloading, copying, or storing substantial portions of the FindHS.Codes system, except as actually necessary for use in user’s practice, business, or personal use. Users may not republish, rent, lease, sublicense, sell, or distribute all or any portion of the FindHS.Codes system. Users are also prohibited from transferring electronically, or by any other means, all or any substantial portion of the FindHS.Codes system to a third party or translating all or any substantial portion of the system onto or into other computer software.

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