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brazaletes luminosos

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Warning signal armband, so-called luminous armband, article 17932, photo see attachment, - assembled goods, consisting of a warning armband and a visual signal device, packed in a polybag, - warning armband: - in the open state with a total length of approx. 24.8 cm and a width of approx. 2.6 cm, - made of monochrome (signal green) fabrics; Equipped to accommodate the visual signal device on the outside with a sewn-on compartment made of one-colored (white) fabric and an edging made of one-colored (signal yellow) fabric, - on one narrow side with a Velcro fastener made of a so-called hook tape made of velvet fabric and a so-called loop tape made of loop fabric Mistake; at the other end worked into an approx. 6.5 cm long loop into which a plastic buckle is sewn, - all fabrics are made of textile materials, - decorated with an imprint in the form of an animal motif and two lettering, - by joining Assembled, without any indication of manual labor, - does not decorate or supplement the clothing, therefore no clothing accessories, - visual signal device: - with a light-emitting diode, a pressure switch and a battery holder for a button cell (not subject of the BTI) on one equipped with other components , printed circuit; covered by a flexible, peelable plastic housing, - with a flexible strip of transparent plastic that functions as a light guide, - for emitting signals as continuous or flashing light, - the warning bracelet made of textiles determines the essentials with regard to the scope and the overall impression Character of the composite goods. "Other made-up goods (warning armbands) made of textile materials, woven fabrics, not hand-made"
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[1]. DEBTI43739/21-1#753349

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