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contenedores de basura

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It is about 25 cm tall trash can with a diameter of about 16.5 cm (container capacity: 3 liters) as composite goods consisting, essentially of: - a housing (essential character) of - a circular cylindrical shell with hinged lid sheet of stainless steel (18/0), - a ring-shaped and provided with open bottom struts of plastic and - a housing mounted in the correspondingly shaped insert (containers) made of plastic with a handle made of steel wire. The cover is secured by a plastic hinge on the body and can be opened by pressing a "pedal" of steel and plastic with the foot. This is the "Pedal" connected to a hinge mechanism of two angularly bent ineinandergehakten steel wire and a spring steel. The bins are fitted on the hinge with a handle made of steel wire to fruition. The packaged in a clear plastic bag products are intended for use as a trash can in the household. - Applicant Information - The housing made of different materials of stainless steel, in particular with regard to the extent essential character. See Figure plant. Such products include as "other household articles of stainless steel" to the code number 7323 9300 90 of the EC Integrated Tariff (TARIC)....
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[1]. DE3883/12-1#260057

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Hygiene or toiletries in the form of a trash can, so-called "cosmetic bucket ring" (article 2077821396078) - made of plastics as defined in note 1 to chapter 39 - round, with a diameter of about 18, 3 cm and a height of approx. 24, 2 cm- equipped with a removable swing lid, which is weighted on one side with a weight of base metal- serves as a waste container z. B. in bathrooms and is placed on the floor. The goods are to be classified as "hygiene and toilet articles, made of plastics".
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[1]. DEBTI8206/18-1#597580

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