FindHs.Codes is a thematic search engine which enables users to easily determine or find the harmonized system code (shortly known as HS Code) of the products they are interested in. As stated by the famous saying "A picture is worth a thousand words", using images for HS Code determination is very important. Accordingly, there are two unprecedented and unique features in FindHs.Codes system
  1. It allows the users to make visual search
  2. HS Codes which are inferred by the system as a result of user queries, are displayed with the related images classified under those HS Codes (i.e. seeing a picture or an image related with the textual search is very important for better understanding the HS Code System)
When web users input the description of the product for which they would like to learn the related HS Code, and optionally provide a related image for the said product, they may initiate FindHs.Codes search mechanism. FindHs.Codes will then parse the description and analyse it by means of the intelligent structure. The associated image will also be processed by using image recognition techniques to find matching images. Results coming from textual analysis and image recognition will be processed by FindHs.Codes to infer the required tariff classification. The system would then bring the most matching 6 digits HS Codes along with the related pictures of the products which are classified under those HS Codes. Although the system is mainly built on European Union Binding Tariff Information (BTI) data, it comprises data from the following sources as well:

  • Harmonized System Nomenclature (HTS Nomenclature)
  • Explanatory Notes to the Combined Nomenclature of the European Union
  • European Union Council Regulations concerning the classification of certain goods in the Combined Nomenclature
  • Harmonized System Committee Classification Opinions and Classification Decisions
  • Rulings provided by USA
  • Turkish Binding Tariff Information Data

You may visit Frequently Asked Questions page for further information like “What is HS Code & how to find correct HTS tariff classification by using Find HS Codes”.

FindHs.Codes is designed and developed by Infosoft Information Systems who developed and introduced "Mevzuat.Net" system which is an information system solution targeting to provide an on-line and up-to-date follow-up system for Turkish Foreign Trade Legislation. It is an integrated import/export, customs information, consulting and services platform. The system has been on commercial use since 1994 and widely used by a broad range of customers.

Similarly, INFOSOFT developed and introduced "" information system. is a web portal which targets to supply companies, persons and others who are interested to invest in Turkey and/or do business with Turkey, with up to date customs tariff information of Turkey and Turkish legislation in English.

FindHS.Codes PLUS Service is opened for BETA test.

FindHS.Codes PLUS works on top of FindHS.Codes and it extends searching capabilities of FindHS.Codes by employing ontology, natural language processing and special artificial intelligence algorithms techniques. You may use the link below for more information.

More about FindHS.CodesPLUS

Please importantly note that the system is in beta test. We highly appreciate your comments and feedbacks. Thank you very much for your interest.