Followings are some examples of how to get most benefit from image search features:

Imagine you need the HS code for the product shown. If you use an image search with the provided picture, you’ll get many visually similar items, but they won't necessarily match the exact product you’re looking for. The product in question is a screen protector made of reinforced glass, designed for mobile phones or handheld game consoles like the Gameboy. When using the "Search by Image" feature, instead of relying solely on the image, try typing the phrase " screen protector" in the search bar. This approach will yield more accurate and relevant results.
The next product is “Decorative masking tape decorated with Da Vinci Manuscript”.
To get more accurate search results, use the phrase "decorative masking tape" along with the image when searching for this product.
The product in the image is a Jetour Dashing brand SUV. If you search using the brand name “Jetour Dashing” you might not get the best results. Instead, you'll achieve better results by searching with only the image and not including any product description.
Using general product descriptions rather than the brand name will yield more effective results. For example, try searching with terms like:
  • SUV
  • Sedan car
  • car
If the product is easily identifiable from its image, you can search using only the image. For example, the following products will yield good results when searched by image alone:

Searching with product images that are not clearly identifiable, like the ones below, will often yield poor results. While you can attempt these searches, keep in mind that they usually won’t be very effective.

The search results can be negatively impacted if the image includes objects other than the one for which the HS Code is being searched. To improve accuracy, try to use images that contain only the object in question.

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In summary, our recommendations for achieving the best results in image searches are as follows:
  1. First, try searching using only the image (Consider changing the image according to the aforementioned recommendations if necessary)
  2. If the results are not satisfactory or you want better results, use the image along with a brief description of the product.
  3. If the results are still not ideal, search using only the product description without the image.
Please note that the image search results may not show the exact image you used for the search. Instead, the system provides the most similar images that match the criteria defined within our database, including valid HS Codes. Our team of experts is dedicated to continuously updating and expanding the system to improve its accuracy and coverage.

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