HTS CodeDescription
0101Live horses, asses, mules and hinnies
0101.2X- Horses
0101.21- - Pure-bred breeding animals
0101.21.00.10- - - Wild horses of endangered species
0101.21.00.90- - - Other
0101.29- - Other
0101.29.00.10- - - Wild horses of endangered species
0101.29.00.90- - - Other
0101.30- Asses
0101.30.10- - Pure-bred breeding animals
0101.30.10.10- - - Wild asses of endangered species
0101.30.10.90- - - Other
0101.30.90- - Other
0101.30.90.10- - - Wild asses of endangered species
0101.30.90.90- - - Other
0101.90.00.00- Other

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