other instruments and apparatus for physical or chemical analysis

carbon dioxide detectors9027.80
instruments and appliances to test blood, tissue fluids, urine etc9027.80
apparatus for determining the fatty content9027.80
apparatus for testing the urea content9027.80
exposure meters9027.80
pH meters, rH meters and other apparatus for measuring conductivity9027.80
instruments for measuring or checking viscosity, porosity, expansion, surface tension etc9027.80
oxygen meters9027.80
strain viewers9027.80
torsion balances9027.80
apparatus for measuring osmotic pressure9027.80
titration analysis instruments9027.80
instruments to determine moisture content of solid matters9027.80
heat meters to measure amounts of heat absorbed by solid liquid or gas9027.80
ice calorimeters9027.80
heating calorimeters9027.80
calorimeters for determination of specific heat of gases or liquid fuels9027.80
bomb calorimeters9027.80
instruments for testing dairy products9027.80
instruments for measuring or checking quantities of light9027.80
instruments for measuring or checking quantities of sound9027.80
climatic testing cupboards9027.80
blood glucose meters9027.80
alcohol breath testers9027.80
interferometers for measuring refractive indices9027.80
RNA extractors9027.80
dna sequencers or genetic analyzers9027.80
other similar instruments and apparatus for physical or chemical analysis9027.80
Mass spectrometers9027.80
Torque rheometers9027.80
Nuclear magnetic resonance instruments9027.80
Cryoscopes and ebullioscopes other than those having the character of laboratory glassware9027.80

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