In this page, you may find selective HTS Codes obtained from recently issued Binding Tariff Information. Binding Tariff Information (BTI) is a tool created by the European Community to assist economic operators to obtain the correct tariff classification for goods they intend to import or export. Binding Tariff Information is issued on request by the customs authorities of the Member States. It is valid throughout the European Community, regardless of the Member State which issued it. BTIs can only refer to a nomenclature based on the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System (HS). The Harmonised System (HS) is applied worldwide at the 6-digit level. The Combined Nomenclature (CN) is applied in the EU at 8-digit level.

Binding Tariff Information for "Ethernet switch" Classification (CN code) 8517 62 00 90

Ethernet switch Binding Tariff Information

Binding Tariff Information for "Disposable surgical gown" Classification (CN code) 4818 50 00

Disposable surgical gown HTS Code

Binding Tariff Information for certain "fitting products of copper" - Related HS Code 7412.10 BTI for fitting products of copper

Binding Tariff Information for "single use, disposable sea salt grinder" - Related CN Code: 2501.00.91 single use, disposable sea salt grinder BTI or HS Code

Binding Tariff Information for "Sun umbrella-parasol of granite" (Related CN Code 6603.90.90)

Sun umbrella-parasol of granite BTI

Binding Tariff Information for "Multiport telecommunication device without housing" (Related HS Code 8517.62)

Binding Tariff for Multiport telecommunication device without housing

Binding Tariff Information for "wireless portable charger with built-in battery" (Related HS Code Kodu 8507.60)

HTS Code or BTI for wireless portable charger with built-in battery
Last Update Date : 13.Jan.2016
Source : European Union Binding Tariff Information - EBTI

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