HS Code for aloe vera based skin care preparation

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aloe vera based skin care preparation

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Ointment, used to protect the skin from scabs, abrasions and inflammations caused by moisture, rubbing and friction, because it keeps the skin dry and creates a smooth layer on the skin that prevents it. The ointment does not prevent sweating and allows the skin to breathe and sweat. The ointment is waterproof, resistant to friction and heat and suitable for long-term use. It does not grease and leaves no stains, it does not rub out of the skin for sweating, it does not melt, it is easy to wash with soap and water. Ointment can be applied to any part of the body. The product contains dimethicone, tocopherol (vitamin E) and aloe vera extract. The product is packaged as "roll-on" and ready for retail sale.
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[1]. SIBTI2019/0045#640858

CN Code :
preparation for skin care; Lip care stick. According to the documents submitted by the applicant, the product is a colorless lip care stick for skin care. The goods are made up for retail sale and are packed in a plastic tube with a screw cap and twist mechanism for pushing in the care stick (declared content: 4.25 g). The packaging contains instructions for use on the lips and for the nourishing effect on the skin. Confidential information on the composition is available. The product is to be classified as a skin care preparation under heading 3304 of the combined nomenclature.
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[1]. DEBTI16467/20-1#674170

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