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baby hipseat carrier

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Baby carrier, photo see attachment, - according to the application: - - as hip / back or abdomen carry, for carrying children with a weight of 3, 5 to 18 kg, - - in the form of a ca. 45 cm x 25 cm large Lying surface with an outer fabric and knitted interior; fully upholstered with foam plastic; inside with an additional, detachable, T-shaped, foam-plastic padded insert with a knitted outer side and a woven fabric inside; equipped with expanding zippers on the outside and with plastic snap fasteners on the upper corners, - - with approx. 9 cm wide, upholstered foam plastic shoulder straps with one outer and one inner fabric; with extensions of a fabric band, the ends of which are each sewn laterally to the lying surface, - - with a sewn on the lower end of the bed surface, variably adjusted, foam-padded hip belt with a show side and an inside of tissues; at the ends of the strap with sewn-on straps with a plastic click fastener, - - all surface products made of 100% polyester (man-made fibers), - made up by assembly, - without any indication of manual work, - the fabric gives the goods in terms of the circumference and the outer Appearance its essential character. "Other made-up articles (baby carriers) of textile materials, of textile fabrics"
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[1]. DEBTI39143/19-1#644645

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