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diaper caddy

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Assortment consisting of a similar container (diaper bag) and a product similar to the bedding (changing mat), so-called changing mat in a bag, accessories for prams, photo see attachment, - in presentation for retail sale (the changing mat is inserted in the bag) - - designed to meet a specific need (care for a baby outside the home), - similar container (diaper bag): - - with a textile outer, - - with an adjustable shoulder strap, - - with an open front compartment, - - with a main compartment with zipper, - - inside equipped with a compartment with zipper, an open compartment and a round compartment, - - in the dimensions: approx. 32 cm (width) x 17 cm (depth) x 36 cm (height ), - goods similar to bedding (changing mat): - - on top of a plastic film approx. 0, 2 mm thick, - - on the underside of approx. 0, 3 mm thick woven fabrics of textile materials, - sewn together at the edges and edged with a fabric strip, - - upholstered with a central layer of approximately 5, 2 mm thick plastic foam, - - rounded at the corners; in the dimensions: about 58 cm x 35 cm, - the similar container (diaper bag) determined by the scope and its importance in relation to the use of the essential character of the assortment. 'Similar receptacle, other than that referred to in subheadings 4202 1110 to 4202 3900, with a textile outer surface, other than that referred to in subheading 4202 9291'
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[1]. DEBTI39161/19-1#641672

CN Code :
Compilation from a shoulder bag, a changing mat, a diaper bag, one of the isolated pockets like container and a cell phone pocket, see photo, but goods are not for the meet a particular need nor the exercise of a particular activity and are therefore not the set iS AV 3 b), but are considered separately, - protective layer of plastic, known as diaper bags, - a double layer of leather sewn together, milky plastic film iS bordered on the edges of the narrow sides with a band and stitched - - Note 1 to Chapter 39, turned over to the engaging hole and sutured, with no fastening - with a size of about 24.5 x 18 cm (flat) - serves as a protective sheath for receiving clean and worn diapers. "Goods (protective cover for diapers), plastic films made of"
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[1]. DE6051/10-3#152455

HTS Code :
The submitted sample is identified as a diaper caddy. The open-top item is constructed of heavy woven fabric and measures approximately 9”W x 9¼”D x 7½”H. It features open exterior pockets on three sides and fabric carrying handles located on two of the opposite exterior sides of the caddy. It is apparently for home use only and not for travel or transport as it has no means of closure and no convenient form of carrying handles.[1]

[1]. https://rulings.cbp.gov/ruling/N003493

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