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HS Code for ear muffs

Product :
ear muffs

Sample Products for "ear muffs"

CN Code : 6117.80.80
Neck warmer and ear warmer, so-called Fake Fur Loop scarf and ear warmer, in adult size, photo see attachment, - packaged as a set in a polybag, - Neck warmer: - lying flat in the dimensions of according to request 20 cm x 38 cm, - double-layered worked; each made of approx. 1, 1 mm thick, plain plush fabric as per application 100% polyester (synthetic fibers), neither elastic nor rubberized, - tubular; twisted on the narrow sides and sewn together on the long sides (thus made up), - is worn in the manner of a turtleneck around the neck, thus no scarf of subheading 6117 1000, - individual (independent) individual piece, which is a supplement of clothing, - Ear muffs: - consisting of a plastic hoop with plastic parts in the form of auricles on both sides, - the hoop is completely covered with monochrome velvets, the earcups are covered with plain plush fabric; both knitted fabrics are made of 100% polyester and are neither elastic nor rubberized, - assembled by assembly, - the knitted fabric and the plastic are to be regarded as equal in terms of use (protection against cold and molding); However, the knitted fabrics are predominant in terms of their external appearance and size and thus determine the character of the product. - Characterized by their nature and intended use, they are characterized by their individual, self-contained individual pieces that complement the clothing. "Other made-to-measure clothing accessories (neck warmer and ear warmer) of (knitted or crocheted) (not elastic or rubberized)"
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[1]. DEBTI28615/19-1#651407

CN Code : 4303.10.90
Clothing accessories of furskin, called earmuffs, Angahook Ear Muff W9403, Photo see Annex, - in the form of a composite goods consisting of:. - An approximately 31 cm long and about 2, 5 cm wide, curved plastic strip (enclosed with leather) to which a round plastic ring at each end with a diameter of about 8, 5 cm is attached and - relined a fortified on the inside and outside of the plastic rings, as well as on the inside of the plastic strip, with foam Fur (lt . Request Fur sheep), - with regard to the scope, in relation to the use and appearance determines the Fur the character of composite goods. "Clothing accessories made of furskin (Fur sheep)"
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[1]. DE3261/11-1#174340

HTS Code : 3926.90.9985
“Red Hearing Protectors,” model EY2. These noise reduction earmuffs feature polypropylene cups with replaceable synthetic foam pads that allow them to comfortably seal around the wearer’s ear. The earmuffs offer a single number rating (SNR) value of 27 decibels.[1]


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