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electric weed killer device

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Electric weed killer BG-EUV 2000, Art. 3392330_11019 (picture see attachment), - a conically shaped "firing head", a handle extension, a 3-stage on / off switch, a heating element (2000 Watt), a blower with motor, 600 ° C) and to ignite grilled charcoal in outdoor barbecues and for heating and welding plastics, - intended for household and domestic use, - in common Sales packaging with accessory pack (several slip-on nozzles, operating instructions). The burner determines the character of the whole. "Household electrical appliance, other than electrical equipment specified in subheadings 8516 3100 to 8516 7920, no ironing board, put up for retail sale containing non-descriptive accessories, so-called electric weed killer"
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[1]. DEBTI25575/19-1#649220

HTS Code :
The merchandise under consideration is idenfied as the WeedErase, Item# SJ-EF84, which is described as an electric gardening device. The subject device consists of a plastic grip at one end incorporating a trigger-style power button and a power cord. At the opposite end is an infrared and indigo light source, which creates a blended light spectrum. In use, the user points the light end of the device at unwanted weeds and plants in and around the lawn and garden area. The emitted light causes damage to multiple areas of the plant, which can result in hindered growth and plant death after multiple treatments.[1]

[1]. https://rulings.cbp.gov/ruling/N321890

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