customs tariff classification of furniture; sitting furniture, furniture used in medicine, surgery, dentistry and veterinary medicine, lighting devices, prefabricated structures, gtype code of furniture.

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Tariff Classification of Furniture

Furniture is a comprehensive product group and is covered in the 94th chapter. Furniture made of any material (such as wood, straw, bamboo, reed , plastic, base metal, glass, leather and leather, stone, ceramics) and their accessories and parts are classified in tariff headings 94.01, 94.02 and 94.03.

While searching HS codes for furnitures, using specific phrases, as shown in the examples below, will yield more precise results. 


For the purposes of Chapter 94, the term “furniture” means :

(A)  Any “movable” articles (not included under other more specific headings of the Nomenclature), which have the essential characteristic that they are constructed for placing on the floor or ground, and which are used, mainly with a utilitarian purpose, to equip private dwellings, hotels, theatres, cinemas, offices, churches, schools, cafés, restaurants, laboratories, hospitals, dentists’ surgeries, etc., or ships, aircraft, railway coaches, motor vehicles, caravan‑trailers or similar means of transport. (It should be noted that, for the purposes of this Chapter, articles are considered to be “movable” furniture even if they are designed for bolting, etc., to the floor, e.g., chairs for use on ships). Similar articles (seats, chairs, etc.) for use in gardens, squares, promenades, etc., are also included in this category.

(B)   The following :

(i)  Cupboards, bookcases, other shelved furniture (including single shelves presented with supports for fixing them to the wall) and unit furniture, designed to be hung, to be fixed to the wall or to stand one on the other or side by side, for holding various objects or articles (books, crockery, kitchen utensils, glassware, linen, medicaments, toilet articles, radio or television receivers, ornaments, etc.) and separately presented elements of unit furniture.

(ii) Seats or beds designed to be hung or to be fixed to the wall.


Chapter 94 covers the following items, together with furniture:

  • 94. 01 Seats
  • 94. 02 Furniture used in medicine, surgery, dentistry and veterinary medicine
  • 94. 03 Other furniture
  • 94. 04 Mattress backings, mattresses, duvets, bedding, etc., such as mattress covers, pillows, poufs, head pillows, etc.
  • 94. 05 Lighting devices, projectors and stage projectors, illuminated boards, illuminated nameplates, etc.
  • 94. 06 Prefabricated buildings


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