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grill mats

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Grill mat, article 232194, photo see attachment, - according to the test result: - - leno fabric, - - made of textile filaments made of glass fibers, - - impregnated with plastic, - cut into a circular shape (made up), so no piece goods, - for use as a base for grilling. "Goods made from glass fibers (grill mats), other than those mentioned in TARIC code 7019 9000 80"
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[1]. DEBTI7142/20-1#670604

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Goods made of glass fibers, so-called grill mats (square: Art. 57755, round: Art. 57750), photo see attachment, - made of fabric made of yarn made of glass fibers, - - coated with plastic (polytetrafluoroethylene) (according to the application) and thus impregnated, - in a rectangular or circular shape, - tailored by special cutting, so that no yard goods, - in the dimensions: - - angular: approx. 40 cm (width) x 45 cm (height), - - round: approx. 50 cm ( Diameter), - for use as a base when grilling or baking in the oven. "Goods made of glass fibers (grill mat)"
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[1]. DEBTI4611/20-1#669716

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