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HS Code for hub sleeves

Product :
hub sleeves

Sample Products for "hub sleeves"

CN Code : 8483.90.89
Part of a cardan shaft, so-called hub sleeves, photo see attachment, - sleeve-like, (according to application) semi-finished product made of non-cast steel, - with a toothing prepared on the predominant part of the inner surface in the longitudinal direction, - in different lengths (200 - 300 mm) and different diameters (65 - 130 mm), - the goods are used for length compensation (longitudinal displacements) in universally applicable cardan shafts (not subject of the BTI) "Part of a cardan shaft, not from bearing housings for roller bearings, not cast from iron or steel, not for civil aircraft "
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[1]. DEBTI42689/21-1#754065

CN Code : 8714.99.90
Recognizable Part Bicycles of heading 8712 not covered by the aforementioned subheadings, in the form of an unfinished portion of a bicycle hub (hub sleeve). The made-to technical drawings, unfinished part of steel is intended for installation in a hub of bicycles. It is provided on the outside with a step and on the inner side completely with the corrugations and noses of the finished product. The product is subjected before its completion still a cutting treatment and a heat treatment and a final surface treatment. With its purpose-built inside the part can be useful further used only as part of a bicycle hub. Dimensions of the blank: Diameter top: ca. 6 cm diameter below: ca. 5, 5 cm length: ca. 9 cm An image of unfinished goods is at http: // ec. Europe. eu / taxation_customs / dds / ebticau_de. htm deposited.
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[1]. DE16343/09-1#74799

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