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HS Code for jewelry boxes

Product :
jewelry boxes

jewelry boxes of leather or of composition leather, of sheeting of plastics, of textile materials, of vulcanised fibre or of paperboard, or wholly or mainly covered with such materials or with paper

Sample Products for "jewelry boxes"

CN Code : 4202.92.19
A fold-out jewelery box, similar to a chest of drawers. It is equipped with a carrying handle and an external, simple metal lock with a key. It has hinged flaps - top and three side. The top flap has an inside mirror and pocket, and the two side flaps have hooks and pockets. In the center of the box there is a shelf containing plastic foam cushions and compartments for storing jewelry. Below the shelves there are three drawers, two of which have compartments. The basic material from which the casket elements are made is MDF. Its interior is lined with velvet material. The outer layer of the product is made of a plastic film. Casket dimensions: 260 mm x 185 mm x 210 mm.
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[1]. PLBTIWIT-2022-000489#767866

CN Code : 4420.90.99
A so-called jewelery box with – according to specification – the following features:- for storing earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings and other jewellery; - made of bamboo, fitted with a mirror on the inside of the lid; - the lid is provided with a loop; - round, with dimensions of approximately Ø 8 x 4 cm. The item is put up for retail sale and is presented in a cardboard box.
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[1]. NLBTI2021-1039#762873

CN Code : 3926.90.97
The article illustrated by a sample is a so-called jewelery box, consisting of a hollow cylindrical receptacle made of molded plastics as defined in Note 1 to Chapter 39 (as per application from polyresin), - with a height of approximately 6, 5 cm and a diameter of about 13, 3 cm, - inside divided by dividers into three compartments, at the top of two notches provided, - a precisely crafted, round lid from lt. Application bamboo, - with a diameter of about 13, 5 and a height of about 1 cm, - on the inside with a circumferential notch and an integrated glass mirror (Ø about 10, 5 cm) equipped. According to the application, the container is used for the protected storage of jewelry. The nature of the composite product is determined in terms of its scope and importance in relation to its use by the plastic. The product is covered by a foil band and a printed cardboard label and is classified in the tariff as "other articles of plastics other than those of code numbers (CN) 3926 1000 00 0 to 3926 9097 77 0".
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[1]. DEBTI37313/18-1#593588

CN Code : 4819.60.00
When presented as "make jewelery boxes with hinged-frames and stones for himself" designated goods is a compilation of the goods described below, which are packed together with an instruction manual and a printed advertising (folder) in a printed cardboard cardboard: 1. An approximately 9, 5 x 20, 2 x 15, 0 cm (H x W x D) large, stable product in the form of an open space at one end face cuboid cardboard. The outer sides are covered with paper, which is coated with a thin plastic film and printed with comic-like pictures of owls and flowers. In addition, a large number is printed by small fields that have different shapes (circular and lenticular) and numbered with the digits 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 and with less than 2. products described are to be pasted. The room product is provided internally with a floor made of cardboard. Inserted in this are two drawers from the same material as the product space, which are provided with corresponding imprints. The drawers have a semi-circular punch to pull out at the top of the front page on. The product is due to their small size obviously not intended to be placed on the floor (so no furniture of heading 9403). The jewel box is fitted at the top with a 20, 0 x 14, 5 cm, hinged picture frames. This consists of the same material and is printed in accordance with. He has an approximately 14, 5 x 9, 5 cm large image section on. At the top it is provided with a slot into which an approximately 15, 5 x 12 is inserted, 4 cm large blank of plastic film as a covering. 2. A total of 296 self-faceted crafted Rhinestones made of plastic which can be divided into 10 varieties due to their different shapes, sizes and colors and applied deductible on two rectangular blanks of plastic sheeting are. They are packed together with a paper insert in a plastic baggie. 3. A total of 52 so-called. Puffy sticker plastic. 28 of these stickers are like the wings of less than 1. shaped mentioned, printed owls and only surface-colored. The remaining 24 stickers are circular shaped and printed with the cartoon-like illustration of an eye. The stickers are intended to trim Awaken to the corresponding locations of under 1. mentioned owls pictures are glued. The backs are equipped with a self-adhesive layer and applied to a rectangular blank of plastic film. They are packaged in a plastic baggie. Figure see enclosure. Such goods include as "cardboard goods for offices, shops and the like kind used" for TARIC code 4819 60 00 00, as it is tariff law is a the set put up for retail sale, whose essential character in terms of the scope and importance for the use by the under 1. product described is determined, which is tariff law is a composite of different materials commodity whose essential character is determined with respect to the scope of the paper and the cardboard.
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[1]. DE7885/15-1#446828

CN Code : 6911.10.00
Household items, so-called jewelery box made of porcelain, Figure see enclosure, -. Glazed, round, white box, decorated with patterned cover, - with a diameter (cover) of approximately 10, 4 cm and a height of about 5, 5 cm, - ceramic product, fired after shaping, tonmineralhaltiges material containing, - made of porcelain (LT application.) - used for table or in the kitchen. "Household items (tin), made of porcelain, tableware and other items for the table or kitchen use"
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[1]. DE24110/14-1#436503

CN Code : 4202.99.00
Solid paperboard box with separate lid (without hinges or fasteners), both components with an outer surface of paper. The box measures 5,5 cm (length) × 4,5 cm (width) × 3 cm (height). There is a decorative textile ribbon on the lid.
There is a 1 cm thick removable synthetic sponge fitted in the box. The sponge is of cellular plastic the upper surface of which is covered with a layer of textile material covered with textile flock imitation pile. In the centre, there is a semi-circular incision, cut right through the sponge, which is designed to hold an article of jewellery, e.g. a ring.
(jewellery box)[1]


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