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HS Code for oil filter cartridge

Product :
oil filter cartridge

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HTS Code : 8421.23.0000
The item under consideration is described as an oil filter cartridge (part number 15208AD21A), which is the filtering element present inside an engine oil filter used to filter the dust particles, debris and other contaminants found in the engine oil. The cartridge is made of plastic end plates used to mount the inner tube and filter element, the paper filter element that absorbs the contaminants in the oil during the filtering process, the plastic inner tube that has holes on its surface and allows the oil passage directly from the filter back to the engine, and plastic strips used to tie the filter element with the inner tube. The filter cartridge is combined with a separately provided housing in order to complete the oil filter. The filter housing is the casing for the fuel filter element which temporarily stores the oil and pushes the oil towards the corrugated filter paper. In operation, the oil pump starts pumping the engine oil from the oil pan. The oil first goes to the oil filter where all the debris is removed and then enters into the engine. The oil pump is connected with the inlet of the oil filter wherein the outlet of oil filter will be connected to the engine for lubrication to reduce the friction of engine parts.[1]


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