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CN Code : 3926.90.97

[1]. GB118503881#81903

CN Code : 4421.99.99
Doghouse "Spike Premium Classic", size XL (picture see attachment) - made of impregnated pine wood (according to claimant), with height-adjustable wooden feet with plastic caps, a pointed roof covered with sanded roofing felt and a manhole without door, outside dimensions (size XL): W 80 x D 109 x H (rooftop) 100 cm, not yet assembled, - for use as a shelter for dogs outside. The character of the goods is determined by the importance for the use and the extent of the wood. "Goods other than those of heading 4401 to 4420 of wood, not hangers, not of bamboo, not of fibreboard, no coffin, no ironing board or table, no trunk not yet assembled, (composite goods of wood character-defining, plastic and roofing felt) "
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[1]. DEBTI36432/19-1#644422

CN Code : 6307.90.98
Pet house, so-called cuddly cottage Sweet Home, photo see attachment, - composite goods, consisting of a pet house and a pillow, - Pet house: - designed in the style of a house with gable roof; with a rectangular base of approx. 39 cm x 35 cm and a max. Height of about 35 cm; foldable, with the exception of the ground doubly worked, - with "sidewalls" with a colored woven fabric outer surface according to the request of 100% polyester (synthetic fibers) and an inside of monochromatic fabrics according to request 60% cotton and 40% polyester; at the upper edge with a circumferentially sewn on, so-called loop tape made of loop fabrics, - with a bottom part of a monochrome, unilaterally knitted fabric, which is non-slip printed on the underside, - with a "roof" with a top of plain plush fabrics made of textile materials and a bottom of the above monochrome fabrics; is attached by means of a circumferentially sewn on, so-called hook tape made of velvet fabrics on the side walls and can be used according to request for separate use as a pillow, - with inserted pads of foam plastic in the "side walls" and in the "roof", - - On the front with a manhole on the inside of a hanging on a cord, filled with padding material "ball" of the above plush fabrics is attached, - Assembled by joining; without reference to manual labor, - not classified under heading 9404, as a textile animal house is not similar to bedding and similar articles; moreover, without additional elements indicating use as bedding, - without a space-related function, and therefore also not a product of heading 6304, - in terms of use and scope, fabrics determine the character of the product, and therefore not a product of the subheading 6307 9010, - Cushions: - rectangular; in the dimensions of about 38 cm x 32 cm, - with a shell with a top of the above-mentioned plush fabrics and a bottom of the above-mentioned monochrome fabrics made of textile materials and a filling of wadding, - serves as a resting place for dogs and cats, - the animal lodge determines the nature of the composite product in terms of size and overall impression. "Other made-up articles (animal houses), of textile materials, of fabric, not hand-made"
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[1]. DEBTI14153/19-1#628927

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