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smart watches which function as pedometer

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CN Code : 9029.10.00
Undertow. Activity sensor AS81, in the form of the set put up for Einzelverkaufaus- a composite product in a plastic strap, consisting of a 3-D motion sensor (essential character in regard to the use), a clock with alarm function, a Bluetooth module and a Li-ion battery in a plastic housing, with a control button and a parallel to the strap appearing OLED display, and Removing a USB charging cable. Determined the activity sensor and displays the number previous steps. In addition, the calculated calorie consumption, the calculated distance, the activity duration, the daily goal and the time and the sleep mode can be accessed. In sleep mode, the sleep-movement activity and the determined therefrom sleep duration is recorded. In addition, the device has an alarm by vibration. It can store up to 30 daily and 7 night values. About Bluetooth they can to compatible smartphones or tablet devices (both not covered by the BTI) transferred and there using a software application (also not the subject of BTI) are evaluated. The activity sensor determines the character of the set with respect to the use. All components are located with operating instructions in a printed cardboard with Blistereinsatz. For external shape see Figure in Appendix. The goods will be as "other counter named as position in 9028, pedometer, other than of the subheadings (TARIC) recorded 9029 1000 9029 1000 30 until 10" queued.
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[1]. DE16438/15-1#456266

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