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tents and awnings

Sample Products for "tents and awnings"

CN Code : 7610.90.90
These are pavilions that have not yet been assembled, essentially consisting of four bases made of powder-coated aluminum square rods, a roof construction made of aluminum plates and so-called side parts made of 100% polyester textiles. The dimensions of the products used as sun protection are approximately 3.00 mx 3.00 mx 2.2 m. Aluminum outweighs any other material by weight. Such products fall under TARIC code 7610 9090 95 as "constructions of aluminium, other than those referred to in code numbers 7610 1000 00 0 to 7610 9090 91 0, other than prefabricated buildings of heading 9406".
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[1]. DEBTI52637/21-1#756144

CN Code : 3926.90.97
According to the information provided in the application and the illustration provided, it is a so-called "replacement roof for the Boston pavilion". The pyramid-shaped roof, approximately 2.95 x 2.95 m in size, is made of metal struts and cut sheets (thickness approximately 6 mm) of polycarbonate, a plastic material as defined in Note 1 to Chapter 39. The roof sheets are particular in terms of perimeter as well as the meaning in relation to the use as character-giving. According to customs tariff law, it is "other plastic goods, not covered by TARIC codes 3926 1000 00 to 3926 9097 77".
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[1]. DEBTI51377/21-1#756100

CN Code : 6306.22.00
Tent, so-called Pavillon Rieke, Art. -No. 8655981, photo see attachment, - illustrated by means of product information, a side part and a sample section of the roof covering, - according to the application: - worked as a garden pavilion, with assembly material, not yet assembled, - with a rectangular base area of 3 mx 4 m and a height of 2.65 m, - with a basic structure made of steel, - with a roof covering and six side parts made of single-colored fabrics made of 100% polyester (synthetic man-made fibers), - the fabric of the roof covering should be coated on one side with plastic according to the application; a covering with plastic is not noticeable with the naked eye (thus neither piece goods of item 5903, nor of chapter 39), - assembled by joining, - according to the application, forms a closed space when closed, thus fulfilling the definition of a tent - With regard to the use as a tent, the materials of the roof covering and the side parts (textile fabric) determine the character of the goods. "Tent, made of textile materials, made of synthetic man-made fibers"
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[1]. DEBTI37861/21-1#754887

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