Customs Tariff Classification for Textile Products, fabrics, clothing, clothing accessories. Textile and Textile Products Tariff Classification. HS code for textile products.

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Textile and Textile Products Tariff Classification

Textile products are very comprehensive product group, and they are classified under chapters 50 to 63. When searching for textile products HS codes, using specific phrases would bring more precise results. In particular, specifying whether the searched article is knitted or crocheted (or not knitted or crocheted), would narrow down the search results.

Sample queries:

 You may refer to below section to learn more about tariff classification of textile products.

Clothing made of textile materials is divided into two as:

  • Chapter 61 Articles of knitted or crocheted clothing and accessories
  • Chapter 62 Articles of not knitted or crocheted clothing and accessories

Under both chapters, the clothes are first separated according to whether they’re for men/boys, for women/girls or for babies. These, in turn, are divided into subcategories according to the material they are made of. For instance:

- While knitted or crocheted men’s/boys overcoats are classified in tariff 6101; Coats for women/girls are classified in tariff 6102.

- Likewise; While the overcoats for men’s/boys, which are not knitted or crocheted , are classified in tariff 6201; Same type of coats for women/girls are classified in tariff 6202.

- Separate tariff has been determined for clothing and accessories for babies; Knitted or crocheted baby clothing items are classified in the tariff 6111, and not-knitted or crocheted baby clothing items are classified in the tariff 6209.

Textiles, in general,

- Chapters 50 to 55 include raw materials of the textile industry, for example.

- semi-finished products, e.g.;

  • sewing threads of cotton 52.04
  • Woven fabrics of artificial staple fibers 55.16

- finished goods made of them, for example.

  • Sports, ski and swimming clothing 6112, 6211
  • Shirts for men and boys 6205

The textile section can be examined under two parts consisting of fourteen chapters.

- The first section (Chapters 50 to 55) is divided according to the nature of textile materials. Mostly raw materials, recovered waste (excluding those obtained by drawing (picking) from rags, including those obtained by garter), carded or combed fibres, roving, strip, etc. shapes, yarns and woven fabrics.

  • 50 Silk
  • 51 Fleece and wool, fine or coarse animal hair; horsehair yarn and woven fabric
  • 52 Cotton
  • 53 Other vegetable textile fibers; paper yarn and woven fabrics of paper yarn
  • 54 Man-made filaments, tape and similar synthetic and artificial textile materials
  • 55 Man-made staple fibers

- The second section (Chapters 56 to 63) covers articles made of textile materials. Not included in Chapters 50 to 55 (for example, pile fabrics, narrow woven fabrics, chenille yarn, gusseted yarn, knitwear yarn, galonages and other decorations; tulle and other netting, lace, woven fabric on or Embroideries on other textile materials and knitted fabrics and tapestry and slate ware) and other textile articles are included in Chapters 56 to 63. In addition, ready-made textile articles (with the exceptions of certain articles) are also included in these Chapters.

  • 56 Wadding, felt and nonwovens; special threads; twine, cordage, rope, rope and articles thereof
  • 57 Carpets and other textile floor coverings
  • 58 Specially woven fabrics; tufted textile fabrics; ruching; tapestries; strip and slacker goods; embroideries
  • 59 Impregnated, coated, coated or laminated textile fabrics; technical textile articles
  • 60 Knitted or crocheted articles
  • 61 Articles and accessories of knitted or crocheted clothing
  • 62 Articles of apparel and accessories, not knitted or crocheted
  • 63 Other made up textile articles; teams; used clothing and used textile articles; rags




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