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elektrische Isolatoren

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Bushing insulator, the following components (insulator, seal, connection bolts, AP-wheel, cap, gasket and hex nut). The insulator is made of materials with as low electrical conductivity (of ceramics according to the applicant), in the form of a cylindrical body with fins (Dimensions: about 6.8 LxD xØ5, 2 cm) and a central hole of 1.5 cm. The transformer implementation is used to conduct electrical current through the transformer Keßel inside and isolate from the same Keßel. (Picture attached) "Electrical insulator of ceramics"....
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[1]. AT2012/000578#272824

CN Code :
Plastic electrical insulators on supports made of a metal ribbed rod with a clamped foot - an openwork element in the shape of an isosceles trapezoid with a bent longer base, protected against corrosion with powder varnish. The insulators come in various shapes and the support height is from 100 to 140 cm. The product is intended for the construction of a portable electric fence used in agriculture, the so-called "Electric Shepherd". The decision was re-issued in place of BTI No.PL BTI WIT-2018-001426.
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[1]. PLBTIWIT-2022-000106#757495

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