HS-Code für Elektroisolierbänder mit Textilgeweberücken

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Elektroisolierbänder mit Textilgeweberücken

Musterprodukte für "Elektroisolierbänder mit Textilgeweberücken"

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Adhesive tape in rolls, 50 mm wide, consisting of open mesh fabric covered on one side with non-cellular plastic (PE) and on the other side with a rubber adhesive layer. The weight is 320 g/m². This tape is suitable for general use such as bundling or repairing various objects. Because of its use as adhesive tape, the adhesive (rubber) determines the essential character.
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[1]. BEBTID.T.316.761#740101

CN Code :
Rubberized fabric (adhesive tape), Art. IBNR 04370, photo see attachment, - packed in a polybag, - wound up on a cardboard tube, with a width of approx. 5 cm, - made of a leaking, white fabric made of textile materials, which on one side is covered with a film of plastic (polypropylene according to the application; no recognizable cell structure) and on the other side with an adhesive layer of rubber according to the application, - with a square meter weight of apparently less than 1500 grams (without support), - especially with regard to the importance as regards the use, the rubber gives the article its essential character."Rubbed fabrics, other than those of heading 5902, adhesive tapes, of a width of less than 20 cm"
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[1]. DEBTI17267/20-1#687379

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