HS-Code für Fusselentfernungsmaschinen

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Musterprodukte für "Fusselentfernungsmaschinen"

CN Code :
Lint - for a 9 x 7 x (not included) 17.5 cm-sized device with built-in electric motor, transparent Fußelbehälter, Fußelgitter metal on / off switch and battery compartment for two batteries - with a weight of 142 , - to remove lint from garments, for use in the home. "Electro-mechanical domestic appliances with electric motor, no food grinders and mixers, no fruit or Gemüsepreße, with a weight of less than 20 kg - so-called lint remover"
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[1]. DE7430/11-1#178276

HTS Code :
The sample you submitted is a handheld, automatic, lint remover used to shave lint and pills off clothing and fabrics (item number 56350). It is battery-operated and has a self-contained motor. The lint remover is made of plastic and steel. It includes a stand to protect the metal blades and a small brush for cleaning.[1]

[1]. https://rulings.cbp.gov/ruling/M84227

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