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absorbeurs de bruit

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Articles of glass fibers (acoustic element), photo see attachment, - rectangular or square as requested; in the dimensions: 30 mm thickness and sizes from 575 mm x 1600 mm to 1150 mm x 3000 mm, - with a sound absorbing insert as per application: - - 2 honeycomb chamber layers of essentially transparent plastic films, - - 2 outer layers and a middle layer Non-woven fabric of glass fibers, - - Edges of wood as a border edging, which are fastened with an adhesive tape of, inter alia, woven fabrics according to the application polyester (man-made fibers), - with a covering of knitted fabrics according to application polyester, - without fitting system; is suitable in connection with the respective hardware system for floor, wall or ceiling mounting; serves to reduce the sound and thus to increase the speech intelligibility in rooms, - none of the substances (plastic, wood, textile material, glass fibers) gives the goods their essential character; it is thus to be assigned to the last position mentioned in the same nomenclature (3926, 4421, 6306 and 7019). "Articles made of glass fibers (acoustic element)"
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[1]. DEBTI21175/18-1#582001

CN Code :
Acoustic element for sound absorption, so-called acoustic wall tile sound balance, photo see Appendix, - approximately cuboid, in the dimensions of according to application (L x W x H): 40 cm x 40 cm x 4, 2 cm, - according to the investigation result: - with a sound-absorbent insert (so-called absorber insert) made of non-woven fabrics according to application 100% polyester (synthetic chemical fibers); due to the surface products used, not a product of Chapter 39, - with a fabric covering made of the above-mentioned textile materials, - with a frame made according to the application aluminum, - assembled by joining, - is to be fixed to the wall and serves to the sound reduce the speech intelligibility in rooms (eg no goods of chapter 94), - characterized by the clear spatial function as a commodity for interior decoration, - in terms of the intended use and the appearance of the textile materials determine the character compared to the aluminum the goods; Within item 6304, the nonwoven fabrics of the absorber body are characterizing in terms of importance in terms of use (sound reduction) to fabrics (cover). 'Other furnishing articles (acoustic sound absorbing elements) of textiles, not of heading 9404, of nonwovens, of man-made fibers'
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[1]. DEBTI5162/19-1#623960

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