HS Code pour acide alginique

Produit :
acide alginique

Alginic acid, a poly(uronic acid), is extracted from brown algae (Phaeophyta) by maceration in an alkaline solution. It may be produced by precipitating the extract with a mineral acid or by treating the extract to obtain an impure calcium alginate which on treatment with a mineral acid is transformed into alginic acid of high purity. Alginic acid is insoluble in water but its ammonium and alkali metal salts dissolve readily in cold water to form viscous solutions. The property of forming viscous solutions varies with the origin and degree of purity of the alginates. Water-soluble alginates are used as thickeners, stabilisers, gelling and film-forming agents in, for example, the pharmaceutical, food, textile and paper industries. These products may contain preservatives (e.g., sodium benzoate) and be standardised by the addition of gelling agents (e.g., calcium salts), retarders (e.g., phosphates, citrates), accelerators (e.g., organic acids), and regulators (e.g., sucrose, urea). Any such additions should not render the product particularly suitable for specific use rather than for general use. Among the esters is propylene glycol alginate which is used in foodstuffs, etc

En cliquant sur le bouton "Trouver le code SH associé" ci-dessus, vous pouvez trouver le code HS universel à 6 chiffres (valable pour presque tous les pays du monde) et les codes déclarables pour l'UE, le Royaume-Uni, les États-Unis, le Japon, la Chine, l'Inde et la Turquie (par ex. Code TARIC à 10 chiffres pour les pays de l'UE ou code HTSUS pour les États-Unis) de "acide alginique".

Vous pouvez également trouver les taux de droits de douane applicables à l'importation de "acide alginique" aux États-Unis et dans les pays de l'Union européenne.
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