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Appareil de luminothérapie LED

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LED light therapy device (anti-allergic device with red light function), so-called nose plug for allergy sufferers, in assortment put up for retail sale, consisting essentially of a powered with two batteries, electrical, about 6, 5 x 3, 8 x 1 , 3 cm large device in the form of a specifically shaped, flat, round, straight edge plastic housing with two straight extensions on the straight edge with rounded, transparent caps, so-called nasal probes, on the side with an on / off switch and two adjustment buttons ( character determining ingredient in terms of use). Among these clear-sighted nasal probe caps are LED light sources made of a red-emitting light-emitting diode (typical wavelength 660 nm), interconnected with an infrared light-emitting diode (typical wavelength 940 nm), which produce "cold red light". External shape: see picture in the attachment. The product should be introduced into the nose and red light to fight hay fever and allergic rhinitis. The use of red light should suppress histamine release in the cells in question. It is not possible to classify them under heading 9018, in particular subheading (CN) 9018 2000, as an "infrared medical irradiation device", since the goods are not characterized by the fact that they are usually handled by doctors or other medical personnel in their professional practice required to either diagnose, prevent, treat or perform an operation. Rather, the light therapy with two wavelengths serving goods for home use is provided and can be used without medical supervision or prescription. The device is packed together with non-character determining accessory pack in the form of two flexible, elongated nasal probe caps (evidently made of silicone) for slipping over the extensions and four button cells (CR2032) in a plastic folding box and together with a user manual in a cardboard box. The product is classified as an 'electrical appliance with its own function, not elsewhere specified or included in Chapter 85, not covered by subheadings 8543 1000 00 to 8543 7090 95'.
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[1]. DEBTI37869/19-1#654015

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