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appareils télématiques

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CN Code :
Telematics and diagnostics unit (figure see attachment)- from GPS radio navigation receiver, GMS/UMTS radio transmitter and receiver module, WLAN radio module, CAN/Ethernet controller and acceleration sensor in one housing (dimensions W/H/D: 138 x 66 x 186 mm) with integrated SIM card, LED status indicators, integrated antennas (GPS, GSM, WLAN), one-wire interface, RS232 interface, digital and analogue signal inputs - for receiving the satellite signals with precise location and time radiated radio signals for position determination; for receiving, converting and sending wireless signals via a mobile network and in the WLAN standard as well as wired within a CAN fieldbus network within a motor vehicle - without a specific main activity - as well as for motion detection. "Radio navigation device, radio navigation receiver (combination of radio navigation receiver and communication device - without identifying main activity -, composed with secondary acceleration sensor); Telematics and diagnostics unit"
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[1]. DEBTI21317/21-1#755343

HTS Code :
The subject articles are identified as "Telematic Control Units," referenced item numbers 51986538 and 519865390. The devices are designed for installation in vehicles and connect to a Controller Area Network (CAN bus). They communicate vehicle data to a backend server. They feature an internal battery, BLE 4.2 connectivity, LTE/4G/3G/2G cell modem, GPS/GLOANASS functionality, and internal cellular and GPS antennas. The GPS functionality provides mobile phone access via the device to a vehicle’s position and routes the phone to that vehicle. The GPS functions to provide location data.[1]

[1]. https://rulings.cbp.gov/ruling/H312223

HTS Code :
The subject article is a telemetry device, identified as the “XT6000G.” The device mounts on a refrigerated ship container. It collects GPS location data and transmits/receives data (i.e., alarms, changes in power or environmental conditions) between the container’s microcontroller and the external server. The device features an integrated 3G modem and GPS to provide location data.[1]

[1]. https://rulings.cbp.gov/ruling/H312223

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