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cages pour animaux

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They are not yet assembled small animal cages (dimensions: length: about 115 cm, width: about 67, 5 cm, height: about 153 cm), consisting of a frame with four provided with plastic rollers legs made of steel, a floor, a roof , three side walls, four doors, four support racks and five ladders, each made of steel wire and two removable floor pans and four platforms, each made of plastic. The products serve as cages for rodents such as chinchillas or ferrets. - Applicant data -Implementation see attachment. The character of the multi-material products is determined, in particular, by the importance of their use and the size of the steel. Such products are included in TARIC code 7326 9098 90 as 'other than steel products specified in the aforesaid TARIC codes'. Not subheading 7326 2000, since the articles are not entirely made of steel wire.
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[1]. DEBTI25153/19-1#631345

CN Code :
Small animal cage "Lounge" (picture see attachment) - double-decker cage made of spruce wood (according to claimant), with height-adjustable wooden feet with plastic caps, a hinged metal mesh roof, a separate sleeping area in the upper floor, a wooden and a metal mesh door in the upper and a lattice door in the lower front area and side parts with metal mesh covering, with a bitumen-coated ramp and two bedding drawer with plastic tub, dimensions (external dimensions): L 107, 5 x W 58 x H 118 cm, not yet assembled, - for use as a stable for small animals. The wood determines the character of the whole because of its size and importance for use. "Goods of wood other than those of heading 4401 to 4420, not hangers, not of bamboo, not of fibreboard, no coffin, no ironing board or table, no trunk, not yet assembled (composite goods of wood character-defining, metal, Plastic and roofing felt) "
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[1]. DEBTI36397/19-1#644419

CN Code :
“Modular” cage in plasticized iron wire. The cage is organized in several environments and on different levels. The rooms and levels are connected to each other by transparent plastic tubes and platforms / ladders. The cage can be customized, always through the connection of plastic pipes, and create ultrerier environments. The article is presented together with some accessories for small rodents (mice and hamsters).
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[1]. ITBTIIT922104-2022-BTI0193#782669

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