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chariots de transport

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Other vehicles, not mechanically propelled, so-called shopping cart, type 1100021942 and 100021943 Art, Photo see attachment - consisting of metal (chassis and basket) and plastic (handle, wheels), - with a chassis with 4 wheels...; . depending on the item with different material possible: 1100021942 Type a moving walkway rolls (for escalators), type 1100021943 with normal roles - with the dimensions stated in his application 161.1 x 59 x 102.5 cm (L x W x H) - a. capacity of 140 l, - is pushed or pulled by persons with the hand and is used for the carriage of goods "other vehicles, not mechanically propelled (Shopping Cart)".
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[1]. DE7335/14-1#381117

CN Code :
Transport trolley, item no. : 39003, photo see attachment, - hand truck-like vehicle, - essentially consisting of: - - a tubular steel construction with plastic parts, - - a folding shovel, - - two wheels, - according to the application with: - - the dimensions folded out (L x W x H) of: approx. 380 mm x 370 mm x 960 mm, - - a load capacity of 60 kg, - is pushed by people by hand and is used to transport goods. "Other non-self-driving vehicle (transport cart)"
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[1]. DEBTI44667/21-1#754153

CN Code :
Shopping trolleys, so-called shopping trolleys, photos see attachment, - each in the form of a product made up of various components, consisting of: - a non-self-propelled, collapsible, sack truck-like means of transport: - - a tubular frame (chassis) made of base metal, - - in the lower part Area equipped with a bow-shaped support (allows you to stand upright when resting), - - with a running axle made of base metal, - - with two spoked wheels on the side, - - at the top with a push handle with a plastic handle, - - at the bottom with a loading platform made of an almost rectangular bent metal tube, - an almost rectangular, detachable bag made of printed textiles that can be closed with a flap (item of heading 4202): - - equipped on the back with several Velcro fasteners for attachment to the tubular frame, - - on the front in the lower one area w ith a zipped compartment, - a textile carrying handle at the top end, - the non-self-propelled vehicle and bag are designed together for the transport of goods, but can also be used on their own; a character-determining component is not identifiable; the goods are to be assigned to the positions that are equally relevant (4202 and 8716) to the last mentioned in the nomenclature. "Non-self-driving vehicles (shopping trolleys)"
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[1]. DEBTI25518/20-1#689809

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