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clé de télévision

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TV Stick- out processor, audio / video signal electronics with decoder for various video, image and audio formats, internal flash memory and WLAN module in a housing with HDMI and USB interfaces, with cable-connected power supply and separate remote control ( See the Appendix), - for receiving digitized motion picture and sound signals (television signals) within an IP network, for recording and playing back video, picture and audio files in various formats, for sending and receiving other data in a network, and for the interactive exchange of information - without characteristic main activity -, - together with accompanying pack (instruction manual and batteries) in a common sales enclosure. The multimedia receiver determines the character of the whole. "Television receiver with built-in sound and image display equipment, not designed for the installation of a video screen, no video tuner, microprocessor-based device, with built-in modem for internet connection, for interactive information exchange, suitable for receiving television signals, with communication function, equipped with a recording or playback function while maintaining the essential character of a set-top box with communication function) - Combination of IP streaming box with video equipment and telecommunication equipment - without significant main activity - in functional unit with power supply and remote control, in assortment with non-character determining accessory pack "
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[1]. DEBTI36298/18-1#593215

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