HS Code pour Clôture de sécurité et barrière

Produit :
Clôture de sécurité et barrière

Exemples de produits pour "Clôture de sécurité et barrière"

CN Code :
The product illustrated by the information provided by the applicant and a picture is a so-called "WPC fence element sand 8047087". The approximately 180 x 90 cm large fence element consists of vertically and horizontally arranged slats made of WPC (Wood-Plastic-Composite), a composite material made of plastics within the meaning of Note 1 to Chapter 39 (giving character in terms of shape, stability and weather resistance) and Wood fiber. According to customs tariff law, it is a "building material made of plastics, not otherwise specified or included, not covered by the code numbers 3925 1000 00 0 to 3925 9020 00 0".
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[1]. DEBTI48962/21-1#755074

HTS Code :
the “Safety and Barrier Fence,” under the brand name Anluc. Per your correspondence, this product is made of PVC, and some orders will be produced and shipped from Thailand and others will be produced and shipped from China. The mesh barrier fence measures one meter in height and 45 meters in length. It is treated with anti-UV and antioxidant additives and is resistant to alkaline and acidic agents in the soil, as well as to ultraviolet rays, atmospheric agents, and stretching. It is fluorescent orange in color, making it useful for delimiting construction sites, and is available in both a light and heavy version.[1]

[1]. https://rulings.cbp.gov/ruling/N320251

HTS Code :
The item under consideration is identified as a decorative garden border edge, item numbers 83670MN and 83625MN. Both panels are made of powder-coated steel and are inserted into the ground of a garden. Additional sections can be incorporated to create a continuous line or space between the panels. There is no attaching mechanism for adding additional sections. This item is designed as a garden border for outdoor home use.[1]

[1]. https://rulings.cbp.gov/ruling/N323676

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