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démarreurs et générateurs

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According to the data provided, it is an integrated starter generator (synchronous electric motor with three-phase supply), which is designed to be mounted to the crankshaft in hybrid drives of motor vehicles. The device is used to supply electricity to the car's electrical network, recharge the battery, recover energy, start the internal combustion engine and assist it by supplying additional power. The device consists of three parts - rotor, stator and cover transport jig, which separates the rotor and stator during transport. Dimensions: outer max. Diameter is 367 mm, thickness approx. 176 mm (this dimension is not dimensioned), weight 27.3 kg. The cover transport jig is made of cast aluminum and stainless steel. Dimensions: outer max. Diameter is 367 mm, thickness 116.5 mm, weight 5.2 kg.
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[1]. CZBTI37/092045/2020-580000-04/01#685844

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