HS Code pour déshumidificateurs de type climatisation ou réfrigération

Produit :
déshumidificateurs de type climatisation ou réfrigération

Exemples de produits pour "déshumidificateurs de type climatisation ou réfrigération"

CN Code :
According to the applicant and submitted documentation it is the air conditioner with built-in refrigeration unit. It is intended for cooling and dehumidifying the air in the rooms.
, In the form block is fitted on the top panel with controls and opening the grid for output and odvlhčeného cooled air.
Technical parameters: maximum cooling capacity 9000 Btu / h
Dehumidifying performance up to 40 l / day
power 1050 W
24 hour digital timer and thermostat
refrigerant gas R410a
Dimensions 78 x 47.6 x 35.8 cm (HxWxD)
weight 30 kg.

Portable air conditioner is equipped with wheels and has built-in reversible heat pump.
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[1]. CZ07-0129-2008#1593

HTS Code :
Literature has been provided for the Ebac BD80-XE Building Dryer and Dehumidifier, described as a refrigeration-type dehumidifier. The unit is marketed as dehumidification equipment for the professional water damage and carpet specialist. The BD80-XE features a rotary compressor, an hour meter (to keep track of usage), a condensate pump and “hot gas” defrosting as well as an integral handle and two wheels for mobility. The unit measures 34” in height, 17” in width and 26” in depth and has a15 gallon capacity at saturation. The literature describes the unit’s principle of operation as follows: warm moist air is drawn by a fan across a cold coil which causes the water vapor to condense onto the coil and drop into a container or tray. The cold air is then passed over a heat exchanger where it is warmed before being passed back into the surrounding area.[1]

[1]. https://rulings.cbp.gov/ruling/J88683

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