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détenteurs de smartphones

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According to the information provided by the applicant and an article illustrated by a sample, it is a smartphone holder made of plastic as defined in Note 1 to Chapter 39. The approximately 10.5 x 6, 7 x 6.5 cm large item consists of a spring-loaded item phone holder that can be pulled out to the side and is connected to a support arm at the rear by means of a ball joint. A fastening device for clamping into the fan nozzles of a motor vehicle is attached to the underside of the holding arm, which can be moved to the left and right. The holder is presented in a polybag for retail sale. Such products are classified under tariff law as "other goods made of plastics, other than those covered by subheadings (CN) 3926 1000 to 3926 9060".
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[1]. DEBTI48181/21-1#755058

CN Code :
According to the application details and the present sample, it is a so-called "smartphone holder (Art. 37371)" made of ABS, a plastic in the sense of Note 1 to Chapter 39. The black one, approx. 218 mm x 132 mm x 78 mm large product consists of an approximately triangular plate with support protection made of foamed plastic / rubber, which is equipped with two holding arms and an additional spring-loaded holding arm for holding a mobile phone (not part of this BTI). Via a joint with a locking screw made of base metal, the plate is connected to an approximately semicircular element with four other holding arms (two spring-loaded), which is used to attach to the interior rearview mirror of a motor vehicle. The smartphone holder is not yet assembled and packed in a printed cardboard box. Such products are classified under tariff law as "goods made of plastics other than those specified in TARIC codes 3926 1000 00 to 3926 9097 77".
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[1]. DEBTI47621/21-1#754284

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