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bolsas de tela

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Storage bag, so-called cloth bag, article number: 5041627-004, photo see attachment- almost rectangular; according to the application with the dimensions (L x H) of 18 cm x 16 cm, - made of single-colored knitted fabrics made of polyester (synthetic chemical fibres), according to the application, - folded over on one side and sewn together on two sides; open at the upper edge and equipped with a narrowing drawstring, - made up by sewing, - according to the application, serves as a storage bag for game parts from parlor games, - due to the use, no sack or bag for packaging purposes within the meaning of heading 6305, - does not present itself as a container for heading 4202, since the goods are neither mentioned by name in the position wording nor are they similar to any of the containers mentioned there, - due to the fabric used, no goods under subheading 6307 9098. "Other made-up goods (storage bags), of textile materials, knitted"
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[1]. DEBTI50392/21-1#756063

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Clothes peg bag with hanger, so-called clothes peg bag house, Art. 58491, photo see attachment, - packed in a polybag, - presents itself as a composite product, - clothes peg bag: - in the dimensions of according to application: about 32 cm x 28, 5 cm, - from up to approx. 0, 4 mm thick, printed fabrics from according to application cotton, - on the front with a round intervention opening, - bordered at all edges with woven ribbons, which continued at the upper edge to binding bands - made by sewing together, - no evidence of manual labor, - is used according to the application of the inclusion of clothespins and can be painted, - hangers: - with a length of about 27 cm, - from according to request plastic, - In the area of the upper edge of the clothes-pail bag attached so that the bag on the bracket "hangs" and can be attached to a clothesline, for example - due to the intended use no sack or bag for packaging purpose within the meaning of heading 6305, - does not constitute a container of heading 4202, since the goods are neither similar to those mentioned in the wording of the wording nor similar to any of the containers mentioned there, - in particular with regard to their importance in relation to use, the clothespin bag of textile materials, the nature of the composite product. "Other made-up articles (clothes peg bags) of textile materials of textile, not hand-made"
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[1]. DEBTI4102/19-1#624793

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También puede encontrar las tasas de derechos de aduana aplicables a la importación de "bolsas de tela" a los EE. UU. y los países de la Unión Europea.

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