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bridas para cables

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According to the information provided by the applicant and the illustration at hand, these are cable ties made of white polyamide, a plastic as defined in Note 1 to Chapter 39 , 8 x 370 mm), strip-shaped products tapering to a point at one end each have a toothed surface on one side and have a rectangular locking piece with a locking lug on the other end. Such goods are usually used for orderly bundling or for fastening cables. 100 pieces each are sealed in a bag. In terms of customs tariff law, these are "other goods made of plastic, not covered by the TARIC codes 3926 1000 00 to 3926 9097 77".
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[1]. DEBTI44089/21-1#752565

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Cable ties made of stainless steel, in the form of a circularly wound steel strip with transverse cuts and with a tightening screw mechanism. They ensure tight connection of the hose with water devices. Available in a wide range of sizes: 59-008 - W4 8 - 12 mm, 59-010 - W4 10 - 16 mm, 59-012 - W4 12 - 22 mm, 59-016 - W4 16 - 25 mm, 59-020 - W4 20 - 25 mm, 59-025 - W4 25 - 40 mm, 59-040 - W4 40 - 60 mm, 59-060 - W4 60 - 80 mm, 59-070 - W4 70 - 90 mm. The decision was re-issued in place of the BTI number PL- WIT-2016-01295.
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[1]. PLBTIWIT-2021-001364#752997

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