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cascos de seguridad

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Safety headgear, so-called bicycle helmet, photo see attachment, goods made up of various components, consisting of:- a safety headgear (helmet), - - with a plastic shell (PVC according to the application), - - lined with a foamed plastic shell (according to proposal EPS), - - with a removable padding with an integrated insect protection net, - - with a padded, length-adjustable chin strap made of textile, - - in the area of the back of the head with a rotary wheel made of plastic for width adjustment, - - in two sizes: size M (Art - No. 46601 - sample - and 74601) and size L (Item No. 46602 and 74602), - - for use as a protective helmet for cyclists, - an electric visual signaling device, - - in the form of six light-emitting diodes in a housing made of plastic with a pressure switch, - - intended to emit flashing signals or a permanent light when switched on, - - incorporated on the back of the helmet, - the S Safety headgear determines the essential character of the goods, in particular because of its importance in relation to the use, - attached to a printed cardboard card. "Other headgear, fitted, safety headgear, made of plastic"
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[1]. DEBTI45744/21-1#755773

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Safety headgear (motorcycle helmet), "Rocc 341", photo see attachment, - in the form of an integral helmet, - with an outer helmet shell made of plastic (according to the application, so-called polycarbonate - ABS), - with an inner shell made of plastic (according to the application, polystyrene - EPS), - with removable padding, - with a replaceable visor, - with ventilation openings, - with a chin strap with ratchet closure, - for use as a protective helmet for motorcyclists, - packed in a helmet bag. "Other headgear, equipped, safety headgear, made of plastic"
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[1]. DEBTI12567/22-1#768114

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Welding helmet made ​​of plastic, fitted with a filter ADF (Auto Darkening Filter), which contains a liquid crystal display for smooth control of the darkness. ADF filter allows for safe welding, the welder to protect your eyes from harmful radiation. Due to its design, after the start of the welding process automatically filter increases the degree of darkening welder without causing glare and brighter after welding. Construction of the helmet allows the welder to the effective use of both hands during the welding process, as well as the face and neck to protect against weld welder. Shield powered by a lithium battery and solar cells. Weight 495 g
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[1]. PLPL-WIT-2012-00216#279704

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