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cigarrillos electronicos desechables

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Electronic cigarette, intended for inhalation without burning. It has a built-in container with inhalation fluid, a heater and a 350 mAh battery. The whole thing is placed in an oblong housing with a mouthpiece, made of plastic. The inhalation solution (the so-called liquid) contains propylene glycol, glycerin, aromas and nicotine in a concentration from 0 to 20 mg / ml. The device heats the liquid and turns it into vapor, which is inhaled by the user of the e-cigarette. Single-use product, it is not possible to supplement or replace the liguid cartridge. It is offered in various flavors.
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[1]. PLBTIWIT-2022-000913#779154

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The item is a small rectangular container containing 2 ml of liquid for an e-cigarette. The container has a flat bottom, rounded top (used as a mouthpiece), an oval cross section, and the lower part is slightly narrower than the upper part. Below the bottom of the container there are two round metal poles, and at the top of the container there is an elongated hole that is closed with a silicone stick, which must be removed before use. Inside the container, a device of varying thickness passes through the liquid from the bottom up to the hole in the top. It is stated that the item is a filled disposable tank with a built-in nozzle (a so-called "pod"). The item is to be used as a substitute for nicotine liquid in an e-cigarette. The liquid reportedly consists of propylene glycol, glycerin and tobacco flavors. The liquid does not contain nicotine. The outside of the container is made of plastic. It is stated that in addition to liquid, there is a heat conductor, cotton wool and a pipe to conduct the steam inside the container. The two poles under the bottom of the container are stated to be magnetic so that the container can be held on the battery part of an e-cigarette. The product contains 2 ml of liquid. The container measures approx. 4, 3 x 2 x 1 cm. The item is sold in packs of two containers each, sealed blister pack separated by a perforation, packed in a square cardboard box with print and package leaflet. It is stated that the item is for single use and must be replaced when there is no more liquid.
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[1]. DKBTI21-1177956#755102

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