FindHS.Codes had been providing six digits universal standard HS Code. As known, those six digits codes are not declarable in Customs. Detailed HTS codes that correspond with the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the related country are required at the time of import/export. As a great breakthrough, declarable codes for EU, UK, USA, China, India and Turkey are now being provided by FindHS.Codes:

  • EU countries: 10 digits TARIC codes
  • USA: 10 digits HTSUS codes
  • UK: 10 digits HTS codes
  • China: 10 digits HTS codes
  • India: 10 digits HTS codes
  • Turkey: 12 digits HTS codes

In addition, a virtual assistant mechanism is added to the system. The virtual assistant will assist and guide you to find the correct hs codes and hts codes. You may simply query a four or six digits hs code or try following text queries to see how the virtual assistant will help you:

The virtual assistant combined with the smart search mechanism, is one of the biggest reason why you should use
You may visit Smart Search and Virtual Assistant page for more information.

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