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CN CodeDescriptionSupplementary Unit
8101Tungsten (wolfram) and articles thereof, including waste and scrap
8101.10.00.00- Powders
- Other
8101.94- - Unwrought tungsten, including bars and rods obtained simply by sintering
8101.96- - Wire
8101.96.00.10- - - Tungsten wire containing by weight 99|% or more of tungsten with: -|a maximum cross-sectional dimension of not more than 50|µm -|a resistance of 40|Ohm or more but not more than 300|Ohm at length of 1|metre of a kind used in the production of heated car front windows
8101.96.00.20- - - Tungsten wire -|containing by weight 99,95|% or more of tungsten, and -|with a maximum cross-sectional dimension of not more than 1,02|mm
8101.96.00.90- - - Other
8101.97.00.00- - Waste and scrap
8101.99- - Other
8101.99.10.00- - - Bars and rods, other than those obtained simply by sintering, profiles, plates, sheets, strip and foil
8101.99.10.10- - - - Tungsten bars and rods for welding electrodes, containing 94|% or more by weight of tungsten, whether or not cut to length
8101.99.10.90- - - - Other
8101.99.90.00- - - Other