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CN CodeDescriptionSupplementary Unit
8104Magnesium and articles thereof, including waste and scrap
- Unwrought magnesium
8104.11- - Containing at least 99,8|% by weight of magnesium
8104.19.00.00- - Other
8104.20.00.00- Waste and scrap
8104.30- Raspings, turnings and granules, graded according to size; powders
- - Magnesium powder with a particle size of 0,2|mm or more but not more than 0,8|mm
8104.30.00.20- - - Of purity by weight of 98% or more, but not more than 99,5%
8104.30.00.35- - - of purity by weight of more than 99,5|%
8104.30.00.40- - - Other
8104.30.00.90- - Other
8104.90- Other
8104.90.00.10- - Ground and polished magnesium sheets, of dimensions not more than 1500|mm|!x!|2000|mm, coated on one side with an epoxy resin insensitive to light
8104.90.00.90- - Other