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CN CodeDescriptionSupplementary Unit
8506Primary cells and primary batteries
8506.10-Manganese dioxide
- -Alkaline
8506.10.11.00- - -Cylindrical cells
8506.10.18.00- - -Other
- -Other
8506.10.91.00- - -Cylindrical cells
8506.10.98.00- - -Other
8506.30.00.00-Mercuric oxide
8506.40.00.00-Silver oxide
8506.50.10.00- -Cylindrical cells
8506.50.10.10- - -Lithium cylindrical primary cells with: -|a diameter of 14,0|mm or more but not more than 26,0|mm; -|a length of 2,2|mm or more but not more than 51|mm; -|a voltage of 1,5|V or more, but not more than 3,6|V; -|a capacity of 0,15|Ah or more, but no
8506.50.10.90- - -Other
8506.50.30.00- -Button cells
8506.50.30.10- - -Lithium manganese dioxide cell, with: -|a diameter of 20|mm or more but not more than 25|mm -|a length of 3|mm or more but not more than 6|mm -|a voltage of 3|V or more but not more than 3,4|V -|a capacity of 200|mAh or more but not more than 600|mAh
8506.50.30.90- - -Other
8506.50.90.00- -Other
8506.50.90.10- - -Lithium iodine single cell battery the dimensions of which do not exceed 9|mm|!x!|23|mm|!x!|45|mm and a voltage of not more than 2,8|V
8506.50.90.30- - -Lithium-iodine or lithium-silver vanadium oxide single cell battery of dimensions of not more than 28|mm|!x!|45|mm|!x!|15|mm and a capacity of not less than 1,05|Ah
8506.50.90.90- - -Other
8506.80-Other primary cells and primary batteries
8506.80.05.00- -Dry zinc-carbon batteries of a voltage of 5,5|V or more but not exceeding 6,5|V
8506.80.80.00- -Other
8506.90.00.10- -Cathode, in rolls,|for air zinc button cell batteries (hearing aid batteries)
8506.90.00.90- -Other