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CN CodeDescriptionSupplementary Unit
8508Vacuum cleaners
- With self-contained electric motor
8508.11- - Of a power not exceeding 1|500|W and having a dust bag or other receptacle capacity not exceeding 20|l
8508.19.00.00- - Other
8508.60.00.00- Other vacuum cleaners
8508.70- Parts
8508.70.00.10- - Electronic circuit card without separate housing for actuating and controlling vacuum cleaner brushes|powered by not more than 300|W
8508.70.00.20- - Electronic circuit cards that -|are connected by wire or radio frequency to each other and the motor controller card, and -|regulate the functioning (switching on or off and suction capacity) of vacuum cleaners according to a stored program, -|whether or not fitted with indicators that display the functioning of the vacuum cleaner (suction capacity and/or dust bag full and/or filter full)
8508.70.00.90- - Other