CN CodeDescriptionSupplementary Unit
8512Electrical lighting or signalling equipment (excluding articles of heading|8539), windscreen wipers, defrosters and demisters, of a kind used for cycles or motor vehicles
8512.10.00.00- Lighting or visual signalling equipment of a kind used on bicycles
8512.20- Other lighting or visual signalling equipment
8512.20.00.20- - Information screen displaying at least time, date and status of safety features in a vehicle with an operating voltage of 12|V or more, but not more than 14,4|V, of a kind used in the manufacturing of goods of Chapter 87
8512.20.00.30- - Lighting module, containing at least: -|two LEDs, -|glass or plastic lenses, focusing/scattering the light emitted by the LEDs, -|reflectors redirecting the light emitted by the LEDs, in an aluminium housing with a radiator, mounted at a bracket with an actuator
8512.20.00.40- - Fog lamp with a galvanised inner surface, containing: -|a plastic holder with three or more brackets, -|one or more 12|V bulbs, -|a connector, -|a plastic cover, -|whether or not with a connection cable for use in the manufacture of goods of Chapter 87
8512.20.00.90- - Other
8512.30- Sound signalling equipment
8512.30.10.00- - Burglar alarms of a kind used for motor vehicles
8512.30.90.00- - Other
8512.30.90.10- - - Horn assembly operating on piezomechanical principle for generating a specific sound signal, with a voltage of 12|V, comprising: -|coil, -|magnet, -|metal membrane, -|connector, -|holder of a kind used in the manufacture of goods of Chapter 87
8512.30.90.20- - - Warning buzzer for parking sensor system in a plastic casing operating on the piezo-mechanic principle, containing: -|a printed circuit board, -|a connector, -|whether or not a metal holder of a kind used in the manufacture of goods of chapter 87
8512.30.90.90- - - Other
8512.40- Windscreen wipers, defrosters and demisters
8512.40.00.10- - Car door mirror heating foil: -|with two electrical contacts, -|with an adhesive layer on both sides (on the side of the plastic holder of the mirror and on the|side of the mirror glass), -|with a protective paper film on both sides
8512.40.00.90- - Other
8512.90- Parts
8512.90.10.00- - Of apparatus of subheading|8512|30|10
8512.90.90.00- - Other

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