CN CodeDescriptionSupplementary Unit
8532Electrical capacitors, fixed, variable or adjustable (pre-set)
8532.10.00.00- Fixed capacitors designed for use in 50/60|Hz circuits and having a reactive power handling capacity of not less than 0,5|kvar (power capacitors)
- Other fixed capacitors
8532.21- - Tantalum
8532.22.00.00- - Aluminium electrolytic
8532.23.00.00- - Ceramic dielectric, single layer
8532.24.00.00- - Ceramic dielectric, multilayer
8532.25.00.00- - Dielectric of paper or plastics
8532.29.00.00- - Other
8532.30.00.00- Variable or adjustable (pre-set) capacitors
8532.90.00.00- Parts

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